It's our mission to awaken and empower the best in everyone by lifting their human spirit to achieve more

LIFT (Looking Inward For Tomorrow) is founded on servant leadership and honoring the privilege of faithfully serving others. We believe everyone is capable of transformation to create a new and better future for us all. We succeed when we collaborate to collectively LIFT our communities and the individuals within to achieve more.

Why Lift?

Support to develop your business

If you can see it, you can be it. Today too many entrepreneurs in our community cannot envision their path to success and are not within reach of the resources available to empower their journey. We are here to LIFT the community, engage key stakeholders, develop thriving businesses, and support healthy behaviors in life and business.

Our Values


Developing trustworthy relationships while inspiring and influencing positive collaboration to leverage collective resources & ideas.


Demonstrating authenticity and vulnerability in our actions that are consitent with our values and beliefs while developing moral uprightness.


Our unwavering belief in ourselves and others ability to thrive when our behaviors directly align with our personal mission.


Developing courage to challenge and shape the world for a better tomorrow, standing strong in the face of adversity and injustice.

Grow with the Best.

We meet entrepreneurs where they are and help LIFT them to where they envision themselves and their businesses.